YouTube Video Tags / Keywords Extractor


How to use YouTube tags on videos?

YouTube is most popular video sharing site for business promotions. Businessmen can optimize their website on search engine as this method. They are always try to promote their business. Now they can use this youtube tags for go to their target. YouTube tag is very simple method. Do you know about it?

Any people can register and upload the videos on YouTube website, But more people want to optimize and ranking their vedios for the business reason or any other reasons. This YouTube tags method is specialy for them.

Tags are also known as keywords users can use a every word as a keyword. It is not unique. This tags that help people find your video. User must put down that tags/keywords are related to their video. It will help people find your video easier. user should add these tags before he/she upload his/her video file to the YouTube site or he/she can edit and add the tags on uploaded video.

How to add the tags to a video when you are hope to upload?

First you must sign into your Youtube account. If you do not have a YouTube accout yet you must register and create a YouTube account. After click “Upload” from the top of the homepage. on next page click “upload video”and upload your video. while uploading the video files you will see the “Tag Category” on the upload progress bar. Now you can add the related keywords into the “Tags”section.

How to add the tags to the video uploaded by you?

First sign into your YouTube account. Click on the YouTube homepage and you will see a drop down menu. Then click “Video Manager”. Next step click on the “Edit” button to the right of your video. After type the keywords who related your video into the “Tags”section.

Not only keyword also now you can link your website with your video directly. It will be help to promote your website and good advertising method.