CSV to JSON Converter

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How to Convert CSV file to JSON data format?

  • If you have a CSV file then Upload it. and Press on Convert Button, then you can get your result on below Convert button. Using copy to clipboard button you will copy your result, and easy to paste where you want.
  • If you have a CSV data and you want to convert then copy all CSV data and paste into textarea. then you can get your output easily.

If you want a Source code of CSV to JSON Converter Tool then checkout below link. We are explained in detail how to create CSV to JSON Converter tool. You just click on download button and download full source code. HTML, and PHP languages are used to generate CSV to JSON Converter. CSV to JSON Converter PHP Script

What are CSV files?

  • CSV is a simple file format that used to store table data.
  • CSV Stand for Comma Seperated Values
  • CSV file data fields are separated by commas

What are JSON data format?

  • JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.
  • JSON is a Open source programming Language.
  • JSON is widely used to send data client to server and server to client.
  • JSON is a best alternavtive of XML data format.